Support and Maintenance Services

Our incident management expert’s engagement will optimize response time according to the level of urgency and thus ensures that the smooth operation of your Banking Suite is restored as quickly as possible. During particularly critical operating phases – such as end-of-year processing – you can benefit from the support of our specialists. We determine with you in advance which resources and competencies are needed and provide you with the necessary resources. Maintenance encompasses the correction of defects as well as adaptations to regulations and functionalities

Deliver Meaningful Digital Customer Experience

To compete effectively, banks must fully adopt digital technologies to enhance customer experience, by providing mobile banking, omni-channel banking options, digital personal financial management and more. We help bank’s achieve their digital customer experience goals with underlying technologies.

Implementation and Upgrade

Efficient processes are at the core of a successful organization. The right implementation of banking solutions is therefore the ideal opportunity to increase operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge. Our consultants are versed in the business and IT processes of modern financial institutions. Thanks to this expertise and their Product knowledge, we can optimally model your banking transactions in the Banking Suite. The results are significantly increased efficiency, lower risks and a more effective service. The upgrade ensures that your banking solution is up to date with regard to function, regulatory requirements and security. You decide, within a period of one to two years, when to upgrade. We provide support and advice or even perform the upgrade for you.

Software Testing Services

Testing is a critical component of the software development lifecycle, representing a significant portion of project budgets, justified by the role it plays in delivering quality outcomes and ensuring return on investment. One FT offers professional and flexible service solutions that are tailored to your individual environment. it has an impressive technical and management profiles to support Functional and Technical Testing . It will help in reducing downtime, gain testing efficiencies and cohesive teams.


One financial technologies pty ltd, was formed in 2013 by like minded individuals who's passion is to deliver and implement core banking transformations for banks.
  • 2014

    In 2014 we've grown fast

    This has been a outstanding year for 1ft and we continue to excel in our ambition

  • 2013

    We were born in 2013

    We started our journey in 2013.

We have a wide variety of skills ranging from banking platform, oracle technologies to web site design.

Oracle Technologies

Java/ J2EE


Banking Software

Projects we have done
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Our Results so far..

Implemented Direct Banking System

We helped a leading Australia bank implementing their direct banking system. The system provided numerous benefits to customers and allowed the bank to unify business processes across multiple channels to customers.

New Origination System Implementation

For a Australia based bank, we supported implementation of an integrated origination system that catered to the different requirements of various business channels. The new origination system ensured standardized business processes, flexible product releases and far less redundant data thus improving cycle times. The system has resulted in ongoing cost savings due to reduction in support and maintenance requirements, streamlined business processes and a more standardized architecture.


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